PNB Funds
As of March 23, 2023

A. Money Market Fund 
PNB Prime Peso Money Market Fund1.263127
PNB Prime Dollar Money Market Fund1.124828
PNB Institutional Money Market Fund1.185911
PNB Peso Fixed Income Fund1.110627
B. Bond Fund 
PNB Profit Dollar Intermediate Term Bond Fund1.476461
PNB Peso Intermediate Term Bond Fund1.550528
PNB PERA Bond Fund1.022783
C. Balanced Fund 
PNB Balanced Fund1.348179
D. Equity Fund 
PNB Phil-Index Tracker Fund1.529805
PNB High Dividend Fund1.427354
PNB Equity Fund1.290987
PNB Global Growth Equity Feeder Fund0.738899
PNB US Equity Sustainability Leaders Feeder Fund0.851839

To know the current value of your investment, simply multiply the number of units of your participation with the current Net Asset Value per Unit (NAVPU).